New Path

So, if you follow me on instagram, then you may have seen a recent post of a stack of new sketches…

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Miscellaneous WIPs…new faces to share soon…

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You can’t really see from this stack the different directions I am going…but I am allowing myself to truly follow my Muse this year…

As you can see in my New Year’s journal spread here:

watermarked-new years day

I have been dreaming about this fish, or a fish like this, for a few days now…and now, here she is…

Swim is not my word of the year, if you are wondering…more on that later…but swim can be a part of working with my word of the year–my word is deepen–and I keep getting that urge to swim deeper into my own psyche, into my own work…so it is all a part of the whole…I like that.

This year is truly going to be an exciting year for me…I know it is…



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