The White Rabbit?

So…don’t go expecting a fully finished piece every single week…but for this week…I have a fully finished piece…

watermarked-mushroom white rabbit

So, my intention this year is to take risks, to do weird things, to explore things I have not yet allowed myself to explore for whatever reason…and this is one of those pieces….

This is my White Rabbit.

Now, my intention with this particular series of prompts is to always include a mushroom of some sort and to always include a face of some sort…

Thinking about that today…I give the body of a rabbit, with a rather mutant human-rabbit face looking back over her shoulder…with lovely blonde hair and madder green eyes (no, that’s not a ‘real’ color–it’s just a play on the intensity and the madness of Wonderland…)

She says: There is no turning back.

She is done on 7 inch by 9 inch watercolor paper.

I used Bic cristal pen, watercolors, colored pencils, acrylic paints, charcoal, alcohol marker, stamp pads, distress ink and gel pens to create this piece.

Honestly, I did not give this piece a great deal of thought.  I trusted and followed my intuition…I roughed in the body and face, then went to work on the words and the lettering…after that, it was just more about having fun…

Although I did make a conscious choice not to do a plain white rabbit…I wanted the illusion of white without being too blatant…and blue is one of those magical shades…it can be so blue it’s white…and it can be so blue it’s black…and so…blues it became…and here we are…

What did this week’s prompt inspire you to create?