Word Of The Year, First Official Spread Of 2016

This is an interesting spread for me.  Working up the background wasn’t so difficult.  I wanted the focal images–the trees and the face–to be free, open, scribblly even–little did I know.

I grabbed my trusty Bic Cristal black pen…and I actually scratched in the forms very quickly.

Then I added colors…charcoal, paints, colored pencils, a bit of marker…then I sprayed it with a matte varnish…and got ticked.

There should be five distinct designs in those trees.  I put them there myself.

That pen line straight down the center of the face–I worked hard to eradicate and hide that line–and it was gone…until the sealant hit it…

So…oh well…I feel good and I got my point across…



I had fun here.  Eyes bigger than the face.  Lots of layers.  Pen scribbles clearly showing through…it was fun…

Now–trees…what do trees have to do with Deepen…

Have you ever heard of the Dig Tree?

A few years ago, Soul Cafe Food was my lifeline…the site may not be active anymore — or maybe it is and I am no longer there to notice– but I still return to peruse and wander…I am still inspired there to write and to create…I am eternally grateful to Heather Blakey, as well as all the other artists that I met on my journeys there.


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