These Are The Ravens In The Writing Desk Final

So, it is with a heavy sigh that I release These Are The Ravens In The Writing Desk, a blog that has been dedicated to providing creative prompts since December 2010.  The final year’s prompts have been gathered together and is ready for release.

The old blog is now gone, deleted, released and blessed on its journey in its new incarnation.

Now, if you would like to see all the prompts throughout the years that have been posted on Ravens blog, click here and scroll around a bit.  Ravens was initially a daily blog before we decided to turn to weekly.

For this final year, due to technical issues, among other things, I thought it would be nice to add a little bit of something extra.  In this PDF, you will find not only the fifty-two prompts that were released in 2015, but a whole new set of fifty-two prompts that were planned (back in 2014) to be used for 2016.  Since so many areas of focus have shifted, especially with the prompt journey for this year , these prompts were just sitting there quietly and most forlornly in a file…and I did not want to leave them abandoned forever.

So, download for free now, fifty-two prompts from 2015, along with fifty-two never before used prompts to keep you motivated.



2015 bonus ravens prompts collection


Any problems downloading from this blog, please click here to download directly from the website.