Guardian Of The Year…

Every year (two, 2014-2015) that I have done Lifebook with Tamara Laporte, the first lesson of the year has been a guardian or protector who will watch over you for the entire year as you traverse your arty journey–and for all other things as well, I guess…

Even though I am not doing LIfeBook this year, the charm and whimsy of doing a Guardian piece could not be denied.

My original idea and intention was to create this guardian on a 9 inch by 12 inch piece of watercolor paper…but that is not what happened.

I had an eighteen inch by twenty-four inch canvas sitting on my easel.  It’s a reclaimed canvas–who knows how many somethings lie beneath its current layers…but…it was a canvas that I had collaged over its last whatever and then added paint…and had been actively using the canvas to clean off my brushes and fling my extra paint from various projects onto…

I sat here one day staring at it and I kept seeing a face…I didn’t want to create that big a face though…it took me three days to come around to that canvas’s way of thinking.  Finally, I could stand it no more…I sketched in the face I saw using charcoal right before bed one night…and then I left it.

The next morning, it hit me.  Let’s put some yellow in some spots that need highlights, right?  Ok.

Let’s add some darks here in green and there in purple.

Let’s add some red, a dash of white, some pink…

Let’s finish that hair with a transparent yellow.

Let’s push the background back with this.


This image was taken in good lighting…


This picture was taken in the dark … really…(it is a bit closer too)…

If you saw Tracking Wonder, then you would have seen a taste of where things are heading for me lately…this is the piece (above) that started it all.

She is the Guardian of my year…her name is Guardian of the Depths.

Creating her was more than a departure for me…it was an act of faith…

I cannot wait to see where else my work goes this year…if this is any indication…things are going to be absolutely amazing…


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  1. She is beautiful! I love how raw and yet finished and eternally calm she looked. Warm wishes for your art journey this year. I’m glad to be a witness to it.


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