New Release: Thirty Days: One Question, The Workshop


Are you looking for answers, but are tired of looking outside of yourself?  Are the answers that you are gleaning from others not working for you, not applicable to you?  Are you frustrated of the search?  Tired of advice that doesn’t work?  Seeking … something intangible that you know is right there, but you aren’t quite sure how to reach it?

Thirty Days: One Question is a self-paced course that helps you set up a habit of journalling every day for thirty days.  I provide information that will help you get started on your journey.  There are exercises to help you along if you get stuck.  There is a list of sample questions if you need help getting started.  I also provide information on how to take a question and break it down into many, more specific questions to help you really get to the heart of your issue.

Included in this course is a heavily discounted consultation offer for those who seriously cannot find that one question that they want to worth with for an entire month.

This course lays the groundwork for continuing the work you start here, either with the same question, or with different questions.

The cost of this course is $25US.
This course comes to you as a downloadable PDF.

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Tabitha Low

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