Two For One Today

watermarked-feb new moon

This is my New Moon art journal spread…I have entered into a space where I am not always inclined to do two-page spreads anymore…and this is the second time I have trusted myself enough to do a single page spread in my art journal.  I don’t know why the idea bothers me so much.  Many times two sides of the same spread that I do have little if anything in common…so it really doesn’t seem like such a stretch.

The teeny tiny word in the box says ‘dream’.  It is actually a piece of the initial collage paper that I put down as the first layer of this work.

It does indeed seem appropriate for this New Moon.  So many new things are about to burst forth and bloom.  It is truly an amazing time.  I am deeply honored and deeply blessed to be here.

watermarked-chinese new year

This is my Chinese New Year piece, as Chinese New Year is today…the Buddha, although part of the collage layer of this piece, is also a paint over collage — but He needs to be there to deliver his message.

The final message, delivered in a clear language for all to read, underneath the watermark, says: “Trust In The Universe As The Universe Trusts In You”–which is a response to all the original journalling that is underneath the rest of the piece.

If you ask the Universe a question, expect an answer…even if you don’t care for the answer, the answer does come.

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