You Are …

This is one of the most spontaneous art journal spreads I have done.  I didn’t set out to create this spread–I did not even set out to create a spread–I actually intended to clean off the table where I was working…and before I knew what happened I was happily stamping and stenciling away…and by the end of the evening…I had her:


I honestly had no idea where she was going, until I wrote the sentiment out…

You are who you are.

It made me laugh.  Not two hours before, I started working on my own program, 30 Days: One Question. (scroll down)

My question has to do with who I am.  I spent twenty minutes today writing out my response to my question — and then I set the journal aside.  It never occurred to me that my art journal would be a supporting component in my journey to answer this question–and yet–it has…and it has given me a very compelling focus and point–one I shall be exploring more over the next twenty-nine days as I work through this session of this course.


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