Happy Valentine’s Day



Creating this one was a lot of fun.

In a facebook group, someone suggested using red in our artwork, because many artists shy away from using it as it can be such a powerful, and frequently overpowering color.

I looked back on some of my previous work and — that’s just not an issue for me.  For me red is more about passion and fire than anything else.

I started with a 7 1/2 inch by 9 inch piece of watercolor paper.  Using two different shades of red, I scraped the colors across the page until the whole page was covered.  Then I added some yellow oxide using bubble wrap here and there to add some dimension and texture.  My son added a nice layer of glitter glue all over that once I was done…which I then smoothed out a bit so there weren’t such big chunks of gluey glitteriness glopping up the page.

Once all that was dry (it was actually a couple of days later…) using a soft charcoal pencil, I sketched in the face.  Then I added layers using Caran D’Ache Neocolor II crayons and acrylic paint.  There is some black stabilo marks all for a bit of dimension in the final layers.

There is still plenty of the original glitter glue showing through (it’s presence caused on a few minor glitches here and there) — and the hair is done in a sparkly acrylic paint.  In person, Beloved has a great deal of glimmer and shine.


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