It’s My Birthday

I love where this spread went…even if it was an accident.
Look at this:

watermarked-bday spread

That looks like an ORANGE background, doesn’t it?

Now, I have nothing against orange…but with this spread–I actually started with a tomato red, a princess pink and a bit of misty white.

Then I used a citron color on bubble wrap … and somehow that greeny-yellowy shade plopped down on top of everything else made the initial layers look–orange…and I liked it enough to leave it that way too.  With some pale sky blue also laid down using the same bubble wrap over the citron.

The message you can’t see underneath the watermark says. : “be you, fearlessly”…

If you ask the Universe for an answer, one always comes….even when you already know what that answer is.

Sometimes confirmation is the greatest thing in the world.



Published by

Tabitha Low

Writer, Artist, Journey Creatrix