Another Before And After

Ok–so I have about three art journals where I pre-prepped a rather large swath of pages with clear gesso based upon a class I was taking at the time…and then I discovered, I was not all that enamored of the actual technique that required the clear gesso to be down to prep the pages.  I sort of just set those three journals aside–even though there are still plenty of untouched, unprepped pages in them.

Slowly…slowly…I am coming around to these pages, one at a time, when boredom hits and I seek to push myself outside my normal comfort zone…

I started here, atop the clear gesso, with a charcoal pencil.

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WIP. ..charcoal sketch…time to clean her up… #29faces

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Her chin was all blacked up from the charcoal here and I hadn’t even begun yet.

This journal is a smaller one, roughly 8 inches by 5 inches…and part of my goal was to use a larger than needed brush to create this piece.  So using a larger brush than I needed to I added some gesso into the charcoal to pull out shadows and to define the lines i had already lain down.

Then, I let her dry, completely, under a book actually.  I knocked over my tin of colored pencils…colored pencils went flying everywhere…and were in dire need of rescuing–so I totally forgot about the piece as it sat under the pencil tin as I gathered my pencils together quickly, before anyone came in to ‘help’…

She turned out fine.


She is actually finished with colored pencils.  They blend nicely with a finger over the clear gesso background…the actual background color is watercolor…