Matronalia: Festival of Wives And Mothers

I love the idea of Matronalia.

I think it needs to become one of those holidays our family celebrates every year.

When I began to think about Matronalia this past week, the idea of the Four Sisters came to mind…and you know who you are..

I started thinking about my girls, we, The Sisters Of The Wyrd….Tracy, Julie, Evangeline and me…

And this piece began to evolve…


Since we are the Wyrd Sisters, I didn’t want to go very detailed in the face.  I just wanted the hints of the face.  I wanted to keep everything simple, and yet, evocative.

I started by laying down papers from a book from 1891–the paper is lovely, but fragile and brittle, so I made sure to seal it in well with gel medium.  There is acrylic paints, acrylic inks, black stabilo marks all, black China marker, soft pastels, and colored pencils.

I love that the text still shows through…I worked hard to make sure that would happen.

It’s a bit spooky to look at the faces…which is sort of what I wanted–since we are of Wyrd.

All in all, I like this very much.

Although I am amused that the first piece I finish after a month of 29 Faces is…a piece featuring four faceless women…lol…


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