I went looking recently here on the blog to see if I had posted my finished piece for Relate 2015, offered by Hali Karla–and I found out…I hadn’t–which is a huge oversight on my part.

You can see a couple initial videos where I begin creating this painting here.

I had originally planned to create the entire piece, from beginning to end, in a series of videos…but during the second (I think) video…I began to feel very uncomfortable about creating on camera…almost as if the camera took away the magic, the prayer I was uttering, as I created.  So, I decided the best thing to do was to stop filming my work on the piece.

That turned out to be the best thing I could have done.

I immediately painted out a full figure, in a lovely dress, with a star on her head.  I under-painted the body, the dress, the star, and the ribbon flowing out of the star.  Then…she sat there, waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

She became my goal…to finish before year’s end.

I did complete her before the end of 2015–although she did not become the Star Queen I had originally thought she would become.

She turned into … an Owl.

Now, I call her, now Him, Nicodemus.  Why?  The eyes remind me of Nicodemus in the cartoon The Secret of NIHM.

And yes, I do realize that that Nicodemus is a rat…and this is an owl…but the old Owl in that movie was pretty scary too…

If I listen to this painting, the voice I hear is the voice of Nicodemus from the movie…

Here he is: