What Is An Intentional Dream Journal?

Everyone dreams, whether they remember them or not. I rarely, if ever, remember my dreams. However, you can program your dreams whether you remember them or not. Surely you have heard of the thing where if you have a question, you write it down, or think about it, before you go to sleep at night. This allows your brain to work on the issue while you sleep, so when you wake up in the morning you will have the answer.

I wanted to use that to my advantage, but I wanted to do more than just have answers to questions. I want to get things done in my sleep.

The first thing I did was pull a composition notebook. Just a cheap ugly notebook. I covered the front and the back with scrapbooking paper…as well as the inside covers. Then I tied some ribbons throughout the book in order to add some strength to the spine. I didn’t really think I would need added strength, but the ribbons also help me identify which notebook is what, because this is what I do to a great many subjects and studies. I need to make sure I can identify things quickly, because with my toddler, sometimes I may have only five minutes at a time to do anything and spending ten minutes trying to find the correct journal to use defeats my purpose.

How I use my notebook is…every night that I use it (because I do not use it every single night), I will write down my intention for the night. Sometimes the intention is simple: I want to go play in the ocean. Other times it may be something like: I want to work on healing some aspect of my physical body, for example. I write this down.

Then, I close the book, set it aside, and forget about it.
The next morning, as close to waking up as I can get, which sometimes is an hour or so later, depending on my youngest. I will go back to what I wrote the night before. Sometimes it’s a single word, like: great. Sometimes, it’s a sentence. Other times, it’s a paragraph. I just trust my intuition and let go. I let the pen walk over the page and that’s it.

Usually on the mornings after I program my sleep, I wake up feeling … really good. Light. Refreshed. Calmer. Dare I say happy?

So — it’s just an idea. If it works for you, great. If not, there are many other options out there. Find what works for you.