Learning A New Way To Journal

This is the first of two posts. Two different directions about the same topic.

For some reason, for my birthday, I got this bug that I wanted a midori travel journal. I can name at least half a dozen blogs that I follow that all showcase midori and fauxdori journals, but … you can do an online search and find tons on your own.

I started researching. I already knew how to make my own, thanks to an Effy Wild class. She teaches you how to make an Effydori…which is SO cool.

I found a nice deal on a linski journal. (Of course, I cannot find any active links at this moment.) I liked the size. I liked that it came with three notebooks inside it, as well as a plastic pouch and business card holder thingy. I liked the way it was put together. I liked the leather protector on the closure. So…I bought it.

Then, it arrived…and for a few days I admit I was sort of … stymied. I had absolutely no idea what to do with this thing. This is not the sort of journal I want to scribble my to do list and grocery list…because I scribble all over those things, finish with them and then throw them away.

So, I am slowly learning a new way to journal. I still have my own daily written journal–that I do not necessarily write in every day, though I try to…and I still have my other journals, for different purposes: dreamwork, a journal per book that I am reading, etc etc etc.

I don’t want to use this journal to be a daily written journal, because the pages are so small. I have started keeping my own sort of list journalling for different reasons, on different topics.
I would love to gain enough confidence to use this journal to keep some record daily, writing and arting, different things like that. I am not really into stickers and the like, but washi tape and I now have a much better relationship, because edging things with washi has become a new favorite activity for me.

I also have a new habit of watching youtube videos on how other people use their midori and fauxdori journals. There are so many tutorials and examples. What I have learned above all else is…I have to just play with it and find my own way.

So…that is what I am doing. Just playing until the best way presents itself.