A Different Style Of Journalling

Continued from Tuesday’s post


So, I spend way too much time comparing what I do to others. I know, I know…I ought not do that…but perusing pinterest, or even facebook…just watching the blog posts come in to my email from the blogs I subscribe to…there is so much to see, so much to ogle.
What I want to learn how to do is have a journal where I can write and paint or sketch or whatever, comfortably and confidently.
Now, it doesn’t matter if there is a class out there that will teach me how to do this…I have to find my own way.
However, things like this…I am a bit more…constricted and rigid, for whatever reason. I am still working with myself to release the fact (for me) that art goes in art journals and writing goes in written journals —
It is this weird thing for me. I look at all these amazing journals where a person starts with a blank page and turns it into something amazingly beautiful with a set of pretty and colorful pens. There are stickers, which makes me jealous even though I personally don’t care for them–which is funny considering how many sticker books I kept as a tween/teen…maybe I just haven’t found the right kind of stickers for me yet.
I know that the best way for me to get over myself and get over my fears–because I am actually afraid of creating a mess, creating something disjointed and ugly…the thought of ‘doing it wrong’ stifles me–and I let it. So…I have to just pull out a journal and get going in it. I have to allow myself to play…and I definitely have to stop comparing myself and my work to that of others.
I am not really sure where to begin, how to begin. Do I take a journal, add some washi tape here and there, glue in a few collage images, maybe put in some squares of scrapbooking paper, maybe some circles? Do I doodle here and there, create a mandala, just random little things? Do I add watercolor to a page or two? What?
I am not exactly sure…but all of these ideas have their appeal. So, I think I will find a journal that I already have and do something of all the things I have named here and then…start to write in it, start to draw in it, start to put myself into it.
Now…I am off to find a journal. I know what size I want, and I think I have one her at home…I know I have much smaller ones…but we’ll see.
I’ll let you know how things turn out…and where things go.
Thanks for listening.