After A Month Of Daily Faces…

I spoke recently in one of my check-in videos about wanting to take a break from making faces after February’s challenge


I took to several different journals and smeared painted.  I pushed painted.  I smushed paint.  I stencilled.  I stamped.  I doodled.  I tried to walk away and leave things alone.  I tried to push more into a floral arena.  I tried to stay abstract.

I was doing fairly well.

Then, I got on the phone, chatting away, and randomly picked up my black China marker (wax pencil) and started to doodle–as I am wont to do anyway…

and that is how this emerged:


I didn’t really like her at first.  I didn’t really want her on that page.  I worked on the flowers and the vines.  I ignored the face.

Then, because there was nothing left to do, I worked on the face.

I didn’t really pay all that much attention to it.  I didn’t try to do the best job ever.  I threw paint at her and I played around with various things.

Then, I looked up and I saw her…I fell in love with her, because her message to me was so clear.

She is raw.  She could be worked on and made to fall into a “beautiful” category…but I decided she is best left as she is.


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