The Stirring Of Poetry In My Soul…

I took Shelly Klammer’s 100 Days of Art Journal Therapy class…who am I kidding? I am slowly still working my way through this class. And it is a class I plan to work through again and again. I love it. It brings things up. It helps me find things, work through things, and it pushes me outside of my normal comfort zone, but in a gentle manner.

Even though I am working through it still, even though I take a long time to work through each class, I have a list of the reference materials Shelly offers along with this class…and there is a great deal of poetry stuff here…using poetry to heal.

My best friend and I have been talking lately. April is National Poetry Month. There are many poem a day challenges that go on.

I have had that urge to write poetry again for a while. I wrote poetry with Red Madonna last year, but it was poetry prompted by various things…and what I want, what I miss, is the raw open rangy stuff I used to write.

I have files and files of poetry, much of it written on scraps and bits of paper–written so many years ago. And then…nothing. It goes like that. I write. I am consistent for a period of time.



With the adjustment period with my youngest, waiting for him to be of an age, of a maturity, to take back up my usual projects and my typical hobbies, poetry has begun to rear its head. Read poetry. Write poetry. Read books on writing poetry. I go bury my head in my beloved Yeats whenever I am able. And yet, and yet…poetry, my poetry, whispers softly from some deep hidden space within my heart. Perhaps I keep it in that special place where I hide my mermaid’s tail. Perhaps it is tucked away with that last bit of mushroom that makes me grow larger and smaller depending upon which side I nibble. Wherever she lives, she has grown tired of the dark. She longs to feel the light once more.
Who am I to deny her?

I don’t know what I will be doing…or when I will be doing it…or how often I will be doing it…but I have a lovely journal in which to write…and a fountain pen that I can work without driving myself crazy…and I am ready to play with my Poetic Muse and shine upon her sunshine, as well as my love.

I’ll let you know how it goes, when it goes…