A Look Inside…

I have not much been present online these past few weeks…and I am allowing myself to be ok with that.

I have been overly tired…and underly stimulated to produce and create.

If you have been missing my Wednesday prompt responses, never fear…I have been sketching…I just haven’t been finishing them.

I do try to make sure I post the sketches via instagram, so you know I am not completely ignoring everything.

So, let me show you some of the sketches I’ve been doing.

First, the Magic Mushroom sketches (yeah, I so did not think that name through when I created this series, but I shall steadfastly stick with it…)

This is my Pepper Pig sketch.

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Wip. ..pepper pig prompt for yesterday's mushroom prompt

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Here is Um, from Umbrage, from yesterday.

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Wip. ..response the this week's Wed prompt…Um

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And today is St Patrick’s Day…

I am wearing my ‘pinch me and I’ll punch you’ t-shirt–seriously…

I did two sketches last night…because I need to create something for St Patrick’s Day, Ostara and Spring Equinox…  I created the two following sketches while thinking and holding “St Patrick’s Day” in my head…although I did leave out the snakes that seriously wanted to show up there…but only because of the way they wanted to show up…they’ll have their day in another piece some other time…

This is the first sketch:

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WIP. ..sketch #1 for St Patrick's day…maybe

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And this is the second sketch:

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WIP. .. green spirit sketch for St Patrick's day

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And after I said enough sketching, because I wasn’t getting anything else that wanted to come forth for any reason (it was very late at night and I was very tired) … an urge hit…and I created some images in my art journal on a background I have been working and playing with for over a week…

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Yeah–my phone flips the images a lot and I have no idea how to unflip things…so I just let them go…

Now, I have completed one piece recently…

I started my rune series…which is not exactly going where I thought it was going to go–but I sort of expected that as well…

Here is One:

watermarked-Scan_20160316 (3)

The actual rune itself is glued to the back of the canvas.

The series will be done on 6 inch by 6 inch canvas.

For some reason, going smaller lately has been what is calling to me…so I am following…

Here is the beginnings of Two:

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WIP. ..#2 in the rune series begun

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And right now, that is all I have to show…unless you really want to see the stack of unfinished sketches that I have sitting on my workspace.  All the leftovers from 29 Faces and since…as I said, I have been sketching…I’ve just not been finishing as much right now.

We’ll see what happens with the Return Of The Sun.

Until next time….