I Went Outside My Typical Comfort Zone…

and … I received a beautiful message about accepting and embracing my muchness.

I watched this sneak peek video by Mindy Lacefield…and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

Now–I did not take her class, so the way I did it on my own may have absolutely nothing to do with what she did, but — it made me feel good.

I started here on a pre-painted background that I had made some time last year.

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WIP. .. a starting point

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And…I played…because that is what I do…I play…

The only things I used on this face were soft pastels and one shade of acrylic paint (unbleached titanium)…and a touch of acrylic paint pen for the lights–and only the lights–in the eyes (because the pastel didn’t want to show up the way I wanted it to there)…



Now, I am not entirely thrilled with how the mouth turned out…but overall, I thoroughly love this piece.  I love how she evolved and turned out.  I am going to continue to play with this method.

I am already looking at a partially finished piece that I think I will finish in this style, to see how the two meld.

Overall, this was a successful experiment for me and I am so glad I tried it.