A Is For Aphrodite…


This set of sketches was done last year, in April, for last year’s A to Z Challenge…I did the sketches last year, but never finished them.  The backgrounds may be paint, the sketches all done in graphite…but the color work is colored pencils…some piece, like the one above, are far more colorful in person.  The scans don’t always do these pieces justice.


#atozchallenge A

watermarked-Scan_20160329 (4)


I made a decision about these cards.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, so 26 cards for this A to Z Challenge.  But…I am making 30 cards.  So not all the cards will be previewed on this blog.

I will be using these cards as an affirmation/oracle deck for myself once this challenge is over.  I am also thinking about using them as writing prompts in various aptitudes as well.