New Course For Sale: The Tarot and Oracle Card Exploration Course

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Tarot and Oracle Card Exploration

A Mixed Media Adventure


Combining questions I have had, as a life-long Tarot and Oracle Card user, with the questions of my teen-age daughter as she begins her journey learning to work with and use her own Tarot and Oracle Cards, I created this course.

This is not a typical Tarot course.

We do not delve into the Traditional meanings.

I am not teaching new lay-outs or anything like that.

What I am offering here is a series of exercises where you work with each card in your deck, regardless of what sort of deck you have.  The purpose of this course is to help you dig in, go beneath the surface, explore more, learn more.  This course helps you connect on various and different levels using writing and art.

You do not need to be an artist to take this course.

This course is self-paced.

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You will also find a supplies list for this class on this page.  It is available as an instant download.


Published by

Tabitha Low

Writer, Artist, Journey Creatrix