A New Sort Of Space

watermarked-old forest

This note is basically for myself–because this piece doesn’t quite look the same any more.

It’s done with lots of acrylic paints and collage–and oil pastels.  Well, I knew going in that oil pastels could be fixed and not sealed…but I went ahead with my usual plan of action anyway–which is a quick spray to fix things into place–and a light buffing of wax to seal it.  I wasn’t expecting to genuinely seal in the oil pastel…but I was thinking to use light light pressure and not smear off all the work I did on the darn mushrooms in this piece (the mushrooms are a piece of collage from a children’s book we had around here…).

I LOVE how this piece evolved and ended up–before ‘sealing’…and I am excited to see where I can take this process further…minus oil pastels in my art journal…and probably anywhere else as well…

This is a place I have been wanting to get to for a very long time, in some fashion or other…and then…it just shows up out of nowhere.

They tell you not to overthink things…I was overthinking something that had nothing to do with what my hands were doing at all…I was mulling over an entirely different issue…and I allowed my hands to do as they wished….and this is where they took me…without any conscious thought at all.

I wonder where they will continue to take me from here…