Not Quite The New Moon…


I had been thinking that maybe this would be my New Moon piece this month…but here it is, Friday, and that’s not what She wants to be.

This is actually a reclaimed canvas (although it is MDF board).

Underneath all the abstracty goodness is… a portrait…which I had painted over top of a plethora of sunflower petals taken from the sunflowers I grew myself.

Sunflowers are one of my most favorite flowers.  I love yellow flowers, but there is something about sunflowers, especially the mammoth ones, and the reddish ones lately, that just make my heart melt.

I had never been all that enamored of the whimsical portrait I had originally done on this piece, but I have always loved the texture of those flower petals.  One thing I wanted to make sure of was that I kept that texture in the finished piece.

Here are some detail shots of this piece:


watermarked-DSC00400 watermarked-DSC00401 watermarked-DSC00402 watermarked-DSC00403 watermarked-DSC00404




And this–this is the Spiderman Bubba…he had to make sure that he was included in the pictures…so–here he is…



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