New Moon : New Love

watermarked-Scan_20160527 (2)

The picture really does not do this piece justice.

I talked about this piece in a recent video during one of my weekly check-ins.

This is a reclaimed canvas.  The original piece was done in response to Melody Ross’s free ecourse on Brave Girls Club called: The Thing About Love.

Now, I do love the original piece–I loved the class, deeply.  I have had this piece on my wall since February 2015 and I have looked at it every day–and every time I looked at it–I remembered–I love my family and I want to work from a place of love in all things.

Except that the point of this piece is to have the negatives on one side of the canvas, leading into the heart in the center, which leads to the other side where the negatives have been transmuted into positives.

Basically, it reached the point where every time I looked at this canvas, the negatives started to weigh on me…and I wanted to turn this into a completely positive piece, not just taking the negative from one side and changing it into the positive on the other.

So–I used black paint and painted over everything except that heart in the center–because 1 I thought it was just cool and 2 I love what it represents–

Then I began to layer paints over things until I was happy.

Added a gloss varnish coat and voila–finished…the re-finished piece is now hanging exactly where it has always hung–but now all I get when I see it is lots of happy positive thoughts and some wicked good vibrations…and I still remember: I choose love…in all things…