The Mexican Art Journal

You’ll be getting bored of hearing this–but I talked about this journal in one of my weekly check-in videos…so if you’ve seen it, you know what I am talking about.

I recently signed up for Jeanne Oliver’s online class, The Journey Of Letting Go, Creating Beauty From Ash. 

One of the first week’s assignment’s was to prep an altered book to work in.  I had just found this little red book on traveling to Mexico from the 1940s.  It still has a weird smell to it, but it’s become a very fun thing to work in.

I am actually glad I chose not to glue pages together to create thicker pages.  I recently watched another video from another incredible artist that I follow  (the video is in this series–I watched several from this playlist this weekend and can’t tell you which one she said this in–but the entire series is terrific) where she said that sometimes gluing pages together to create a thicker substrate can put too much undo pressure on the spine…

Plus, I am kinda liking the thin pages here.  Some pages are getting collaged bits already and that really helps thicken them up.

I am also following along and playing with Tara Leaver’s free Express It Month 31 Days Of Turning Your Feelings Into Art  and this journal just begged to be a part of that…  I am still working on things–and I am adding quotes from other places as I see them and they evoke a response in me.

Here is my very first page, with the inside cover:

watermarked-Scan_20160611 (5)

I want to keep things very simple these days.

When I recently went through all my old work to get rid of it all, I discovered that I have always drawn flowers in one form or another–something I seem to have forgotten as I go farther into studying and learning to “do things the right way” in my art…and I wanted to get back to some of that simplicity, some of that pure joy at just scribbling and creating without caring about the end product.

The next few pages have some paint on them, and the quote is written in my own writing on the right-hand side of each two-page spread.  As yet, this is the only piece that is finished.

This piece also taught me–everything is going to bleed through to the under pages in this book…which is why the spread after this one is the first one I added some collage to…but it is all working out well.

I have three spreads currently being worked on, in bits and pieces, in this book…and I like that.

I also created this at random in the book–it is actually the first completed piece, and it was done in reflection of some of the work offered in Jeanne Oliver’s course (link above).

watermarked-Scan_20160611 (3)

I created her the same way I have been creating my 2 minute portraits, but with just a bit more care.  Color is from soft pastels and the only tools I used, other than the original charcoal pencil when I sketched her in…was my fingers.