Today: Art

I need a bit of a break today–Friday’s are always busy days here…

So, I give you: art…for today…


watermarked-Scan_20160612 (2)


watermarked-Scan_20160615 (2)



watermarked-Scan_20160615 (3)

In no particular order…all of these girls came from my two-minute sketch journal.

Initial sketches are done in 2 minutes or less, using a charcoal pencil.  The additional color, using soft pastels, is done in 5 minutes or less.

They are meant to be very basic, very primitive–but they are also extremely freeing.

Last week, Evangeline decided we needed to do horned girls.  She did some pretty amazing girls–none of which are really done to her standards enough that I can scan them and put them on her blog…but, hopefully, eventually…

This week’s challenge/theme is to add a botanical something to our sketches.  You can watch the sketches we do via instagram, which you can find in the sidebar.

As you can see–I went there a lot last week.  I do horned girls all the time, here and there.

One thing I am learning is that this simple little sketches are the basics of larger, more detailed pieces…some day I will show you where these girls go…I’m just not finished with any of the new larger pieces yet,

Until next time…