Leaving Facebook

I had originally intended to write about the annual dishcloth swap–for yet another week, something else has come up that felt a bit more necessary to post now, rather than to wait and do it later…but please, if you knit or crochet, join the annual dishcloth swap–it is my favorite swap and the best one I have found…and if you know of more like this one, oh, please, tell me.

Now, what is so important that I skipped a lovely post about knitting to tell you about?  Facebook…and the leaving of facebook…

I  personally am still on facebook…as a private person, because I have family that I have no other way to connect with outside of facebook.  I am this close to cleaning out my friends again to make it only about close personal friends and relatives, but … I keep finding other things to do…because honestly, facebook is not that important to me.  I keep my facebook for one big reason–I have my instagram posts dump into my facebook account…and that is how a lot of family finds the pictures and videos I post of my kids.

I have facebook for that reason–I have instagram to post things about the kids–even though I post a lot of my own art as well–I post the kids’s art also.

We used to have a business page, but I let that go.  Twice.  Now it is done for good.  We used to have a Sisters of Wyrd page…and group…and now those are gone for good.

Why am I telling you this?  Because if you want to follow us, any of us…you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way for right now.  You have to subscribe to our blogs.  We are thinking that at some point we will find or create another platform where you can go to get all of our posts in one place…but for right now…you’ll have to follow each blog individually.

Here’s the list of blogs, in no particular order (not including this one that you are currently reading…just so you are aware…)

Tracy Moore:

Julie Bantin:


Sisters of the Shadows (our annual Halloween blog)

Sisters of Wyrd (yeah, we’re working on what we want there, so please be patient.)

There is no sense going through all the reasons we are leaving facebook and why we are no longer using facebook…this post is not to get into all of that…it is just to say, that’s not where we’re at anymore.

We hope you continue along with us, in one form or another.