I Sing The Song Of Myself

Looking myself in the eye in the mirror is never easy for me. In the past seven years now, I have undergone several miscarriages, which lead to a dark depression, but not as dark as other times in my life.  I have a chronic illness.  I carried one very hard-headed baby to term.  I lost … Continue reading I Sing The Song Of Myself


Oh, Space

I am grateful, so grateful, for all the changes our home is undergoing. From redoing the boys room, to reorganizing the kitchen and basement, to cleaning up the living room (which doubles as the toy room)...it has been a journey -- and one not yet complete... But I am so happy that there is a … Continue reading Oh, Space

Today’s Art

I don't actually have much to show this week. It's been a very busy couple of weeks lately...and there is still a great deal of work to be done.  Add into that, no one here is feeling all that well lately.  Between summer colds, allergies, injuries and the rapidly shifting energies and weather...it's been rough. … Continue reading Today’s Art

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