Knitting Adventures



It’s July.  The due date to have five cloths of the same pattern turned in for the Annual Dishcloth swap is August 26, 2016.  I have been perusing the chat threads, seeing all the beautiful work being done.  I have actually been test knitting cloths..the last one I worked on was…Memorial Day…there was a lot of seed stitch and I was able to knit while we drove (well, my partner drove–I knitted)–but when we got home…the yarn was wrong (variegated) and the pattern…was stockinette stitch in places where it was supposed to be seed stitch…so I frogged out that cloth, set my needles aside…and then…got lost in things other than knitting.  That happens to me, periodically.

When I began test knitting weeks ago, I had joked with myself that the only cloths I would be able to make would be ghostie cloths–but if I made them, the only one who would get them would be my son.  Well, it’s coming down to that.

Last night that bug hit me, after seeing all the gorgeous cloths people are making for the swap.  And it hit me how much I really wanted to play along…and just how swamped and exhausted I am…when I make my son his ghostie cloths, I make one cloth (the test knits) for me–then one for him.  Then I take a break, and make another test knit.  Well, I have a feeling that is how my pattern is going to continue.

So, I implore you to jump in there and join this swap–it honestly is my most favorite swap (even though I don’t think I’ve done it in two, maybe three years now)…

This will be another year I bow out–and maybe I start working on next year’s swap cloths this year, as I meant to do last year.  Knitting just hasn’t happened a lot for me lately, between toddler and other things.  I know things are all ok though, because the desire to knit lace is not there (for those who don’t understand the ‘joke’, I usually only want to knit lace during stressful times for some reason. And no, I am not all that good at knitting lace or staying focused, especially not when stressed…)

Having said that–I went through and pulled together the other patterns I had pulled out (pre-Memorial Day) to test knit–and I pulled up a bunch of other patterns–Mario Brothers cloths and Captain American’s shield cloth notwithstanding there for the little boy…and my plan is…to knit all of them, one at a time, even if it takes me until next year to do it.  There are maybe fifteen, twenty cloths…five more if I get brace enough to work from charts without written line by line instructions.  That is my goal.  I’ll end up with some pretty cloths.  I’ll be knitting.  I’ll find that sweet pattern I’ll be able to knit five times before next summer’s swap…and I’ll have the sizes and whatever all down as well so I won’t be worrying about too big, too small…whatever.  But the big thing is–I’ll be knitting–and I’ll be finishing projects — and that will make me feel much better about things.