New Moon Art Journal Spread, Number 2

As promised:


This was a fun spread to do…and one that I think is much more lovely in person…

You can see her origins here…a little bit any way.

She started out as a place to smear excess paint from other work.

Then I found a cheap charcoal pencil that I hadn’t remembered I had and didn’t know if I liked the way it worked or not (not really…but it’s better than nothing)…so I scribbled out a quick face…and over a few days I added heart ‘balloons’ on strings all around the face.

I was never sure she would encompass a two-page spread until the day I actually sat down and began to work on her in earnest.

That day, when I did decide to work on her, the first thing that I did was add two different pinks, a red and a brown to the second page, smear them all together…including painting the space around the face and even over the hearts.  The hearts still showed through, so they were not lost.

Then I pressed the two pages together and smushed them, moving the still wet paint all over the place.  When I opened the spread up after that, I loved what was on the page.

I let that all dry thoroughly as there was a lot of paint there from the different colors and shades.

When I came back the next day…I loved how the face looked and I didn’t want to do too much to it.  I didn’t want to bring in any paints that might cover up the bits I loved so much.  I ended up using soft pastels…

This doesn’t really show you how beautiful she is, but I took this before I sprayed the page with varnish.  Once the varnish hits it, the soft pastels dissolves–to varying degrees…


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I love the words that came up for this…once upon a time…

That means it’s time for me to start writing my own story…which is indeed what I have been working on for quite a while now…

What’s your story?