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Gratitude In Solitude

Today I am grateful for … solitude.  For being able to step back away from social media and from all this weird social responsibility that seems to have fallen upon me, that I seem to have taken up upon myself…this responsibility to show up, to like things, to share things, to express things, all those things social media is all about…and please, I am not knocking social media at all.  But I need space to clear my head…and right now there is a darn short supply of space for me to do that, in the real world or in the online world.


In the past week I have pared down my facebook contacts.  I sat with this for a long time…I made the decision to keep my facebook account only because I have my instagram feed post to facebook and that’s where everyone in the family gets to see all of my kids and their shenanigans.  I have also been unsubscribing from blog posts, newsletters and other random emails that hit my inbox as it strikes me that this xyz no longer fits into my world.  On the flip side, I have also subscribed to a few new blog posts/newsletters/etc that are a better fit for my world.

And I have deleted other media accounts that — I either forgot I had or that didn’t fit into my work and my world for whatever reason.

I am still sort of hemming and hawing about pinterest.  I want to just delete everything except my own inspiration boards, but I keep getting those intuitive nudges to actually update my own personal boards and make them more current.  This does fit into my need to back up and take stock and make things more…the way I feel works best for me.

There are so many changes coming.  The energetic shifts that have been going on … for months now … have been hitting me harder than I thought…and I have a need to return to my own roots, to rebuild my own foundations…and to move forward from that space…rather than all these random spaces that everyone else all over keeps saying are the spaces to be and to fill and to represent.

Thank you for following along…this journey of mine is by no means over…I do know that the next phase is beginning to open up…and I am very proud of that.

Brightest blessings.