Altered Playing Card Left-Overs

I have about twenty-six faces sketched out on altered playing cards.  I created the sketches in February of this year for Ayala Art’s 29 Faces.

They have been nothing more than sketches sitting on my desk, in a plastic baggy so I don’t lose them, waiting to be painted.

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WIPS. ..altered playing cards. .. #29faces

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Then I started creating my two-minute sketches in a small journal…and an idea began to creep into my head.

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My 2 min sketch tonight

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I don’t want to paint out all of these little faces.  I wish I had paint pens or something with smaller nibs so I could just add a touch of color here and there, without going all out and in-depth on layering the faces and yada yada.

Well, I went to a store recently and found… paint pens, fine tip, on clearance.  As in…I spent $2 for ten pens…

I brought the pens home, put them on the edge of my desk (instead of throwing them in the paint pens storage container I have…because I am not entirely sure where it is–which is why I don’t use my paint pens all that much for anything…and they have been sitting on one edge of my desk…while these altered playing cards, in their little baggy, was actually at the far back of my desk.

I did some cleaning recently and ‘discovered’ them in their baggy…as well as the baggy of altered playing cards that are nothing more than prepared backgrounds waiting to be used in some way.  More on the prepared cards later…

So, here is my declaration: at some point, before the end of this year, I will finish off these twenty-six playing  cards and their faces…I will scan and post them on the blog, or instagram, or somewhere…and then I will file them away with the rest of my ATCS…and I will allow them to rest in peace…until needed at some future date.