The Full Moon Art Journal Spread

This was a good process for me this month.  I had so much I hadn’t realized that I was carrying that I needed to release.

The art journal as a sacred space for prayer has been a recent development for me…and one I take great pleasure in utilizing.

I had to take a picture via instagram because I used Folk Art neon pink paint in the background.  Neon paint does not show up when I use my scanner…so I wanted to make sure that there was at least one picture somewhere that showed the gorgeous pink.

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Wip…full moon spread in progress

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Here is the finished spread:

watermarked-Scan_20160719 (2)

That neon pink really does not show well at all in this scan.  But it is there, several more layers than the instagram picture would let you believe.

I could go into a great deal of explanation about what each side means to me, and what it represents to me…but that is my stuff.  If you can read the tiny writing in this piece, then perhaps, coupled with this last post of mine, you might have an idea.  I’m just going to leave it at that.



4 thoughts on “The Full Moon Art Journal Spread

  1. I love this piece! I was wondering if you got a piece of glass and shot a photo of it under diffused lighting if it would pick up colors better than your scanner? Regardless, this is beautiful!!!


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