Today’s Art

Today’s art is an experiment.

I was watching a documentary called The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams…and it triggered some memories in me from when I was very young.  My intention then (and now) is to study all I can to find when Mankind created religion.  Some of the images shown in this movie opened up some doors that I hadn’t really closed…I just hadn’t walked through to see what remained in those rooms for too many years.

And so…coupling that trigger with some adventuring with oil pastels and under-paper…this became the result:

watermarked-Scan_20160718 (3)

In real life, it is a tiny piece (for me)…She is 4 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches on MDF board.  And I found a way to seal Her so that the oil pastel doesn’t smear.  Which is a big deal for me, because i have discovered I love working with oil pastels, but the whole not able to seal them drives me crazy.

I keep looking at the piece in my hand and the picture on the screen–the scan…and I am not really impressed with my scanner today.

If and when I go to sell this piece, I will be taking pictures with our camera, versus using the scanner.  But for right now, the scan suffices.

I actually love how She turned out.  I didn’t have any expectations of all when I did this,  I was playing.  And she turned out beautifully.



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