Thank You

I have spoken many times about how finding Effy Wild online changed my life…how without her I would never have found Tamara Laporte…or Shiloh Sophia..or any other of the countless (now) amazing teachers with whom I have worked…or started down this arty path upon which I tread…

I am absolutely amazingly grateful to each and every teacher…even if I haven’t finished every single class I have bought…even if I have lessons I have no intention of ever completing (I have only 1 or 2 that come to mind, both part of larger projects encompassing many teachers).

I often say that this year in particular is my year to unlearn all the things that I learned in the past two to three years that I have been taking online classes–but I never ever say this to denigrate any of my teachers in any way.  I have learned so much…and art journalling and painting have given me a focus in my life, given me a life preserver in my life, when I thought things would never improve…

Why I say this…other than I have spent the past few years doing other people’s work instead of learning to do my own…is, well, there it is…I have spent so much time learning tools and techniques, and doing things other people’s ways…that I need time to step back and learn how I do things again.

The other thing is … when I started to take online classes, I had no real idea what art journalling was and I wasn’t all that into it actually.  I started to take classes to learn how to paint and how to draw…and I got caught up in the drawing faces aspect of things, even though I wanted to learn how to draw…everything…

I am grateful for every moment, of every class, of every interaction with fellow students and everyone associated with all the classes I have taken…and all the classes that I continue to take.  I take different types of classes now, now that I know more of what I am looking for.  I don’t take technique based classes.  I take “for your inspiration” style classes, or classes that focus less on the product and more on rounding out and improving base skills than anything else…and I love that…and I am so grateful.

I am thankful that I can learn and grow as an artist, that I have this wonderful foundation from Effy, and Tam, and Shiloh and so so many others.  I am grateful that I am free to explore and that I am exploring my own work in my own way.  I am thankful to continue learning, to continue to experiment and to find my own ground, my own footing and my own path.

Thank you for sharing that journey with me.

Collaboration with Evangeline