Today’s Art

I don’t actually have much to show this week.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks lately…and there is still a great deal of work to be done.  Add into that, no one here is feeling all that well lately.  Between summer colds, allergies, injuries and the rapidly shifting energies and weather…it’s been rough.

You may have noticed there was no video last week.  I wasn’t feeling all that well…and I have a great deal of work to do off-line.  Lately that is where I have been focusing more of my time, off-line.  I have severely cut back on social media, leaving every facebook group I don’t actually participate in, disconnecting from media I don’t actually use, letting go of connecting and liking and everything of that nature.  Originally the backing off of social media was not just so I could focus more on home and hearth, but also so I could focus more on my work.  As I sat with things, I noticed–again–that all things are interconnected for me.  If I let go of having to appear online and like things or not read things or whatever, I had more time for other things…like painting, like re-organizing the linen closet, like sorting through the storage area in the basement, like re-doing the bedrooms…


Years ago, when my two oldest children were little, I began to study Waldorf homeschoolling and Waldorf philosophies…and I found a lot of kinship with the ideas that came up.  I had long wanted to create that Home as Sanctuary and the studying that I did led me to many ideas that supported homemaking as an art form.

Taking care of your home as a form of art, raising your children as a form of art, your home, your children as an expression of your love, your devotion…that right now is where I am.

Yes, I have that stack of prepared substrates with ready backgrounds.  Yes, I have a stack of mail art cards that I need to finish and mail out, as the deadline is quickly approaching.  Yes, I have art journals and various projects in many states of finishing, not finished, bare sketches, half-finished canvases…so on and so forth…I also have online courses and workbooks and lectures in various states of undress, redress and again bare outlines…with new deadlines that do not necessarily happen this year.

It’s July, nearly August.  This is my year to Deepen my connection with myself and my world.  This is where my heart is today.  This is where my art lies today.

Will I have more product to show soon?  Yes.

Will I have more to talk about soon?  Of course.

Right now, I am nestling into the spaces that I have abandoned in my illness and my depression.  Like a caterpillar hidden away in her cocoon…the goo I have been for so long has finally gelled and reformed…I am slowly, so slowly, working my way out of that cocoon.  I am not rushing.  I am in no hurry.  Perhaps all will be revealed in time; perhaps not.  I will share as I feel as I continue.

watermarked-Scan_20160718 (2)

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.


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