Tuesday Is For Art?

I know–yesterday was Lammas and I did not post anything about it…

I know–today is the New Moon and I have nothing to post about it.

What I have…are works in progress:

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One spread for each event…still working on them…


This is another WIP…it began life…as a smushy yellow oxide…and then evolved into this…the original intent was to put on a spooky flower, like this one by Painting With Jane (whom I love SO much…)…and then I started thinking about Morticia Addams and her flowers, her roses…and maybe I am going to paint a vase full of her specially clipped roses…I’m not sure yet.

I did finish one piece, that I cannot show at the moment.  I am calling it my Halloween prompt icon…

This year during the month of October, not only will Evangeline and I be showing up yet again for the annual Sisters In The Shadows Halloween tour de force…I am hosting a daily prompt party here on this blog.  Nothing special…I will post a prompt every day throughout the month of October.  We started posting prompts last year on our facebook page–which no longer exists–and since I cannot guarantee I will still be on facebook by October of this year, I figured we should move everything here and just keep it here.  We are hoping to make this an annual event.

You can find the prompts from last year here, if you are interested in them. Just scroll down.

We will have a theme reveal for this year in September.

Now, off I go–until next time…