The Full Moon Spread

Technically, what I am about to show you is not my ‘official’ Full Moon art journal spread for this month…but it is something I did in collusion with the Full Moon energies.  This is actually the second of three spreads,  Each spread was done in a different journal, based solely on the whims of my Muse, for whatever reason.

The first spread was done in a journal too large to fully capture on the scanner bed–so I took photographs instead…and when I was editing and everything this afternoon…I actually couldn’t find the camera, so I figured this one needs to wait a bit longer before it is revealed.

The third spread, the ‘official’ Full Moon spread, is still in progress..and may be for a day or two, because if I thought sickness ruled the house earlier this week, I was wrong…it has now settled on me and is hitting me with a vengeance, so I am not pushing myself in any direction other than rest–and hot tea.

So…you are left with the second of three spreads today.

She is a step in a different direction for me.  I like that.  I like the idea of her.  I like where she is going.  I am happy with her.  I love how she turned out.

And yes, the left page is all background,  No focal image.  No writing.  No quote.  Nothing.  It’s supposed to be like that.  The background itself — that once spread across both pages–holds its own message for me.



Here’s the cropped version, of just Her.

watermarked-face crop


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