Spirit Animal

Is a spirit animal different from a totem animal?

According to whatever Tradition you follow, they may be the same thing…or they may be different.  In some Traditions, they are similar, but handle different aspects of different jobs, shall we say?

I have two totem spirits that are always with me.  The Raven and the Wolf.  They work together; they work in conjunction; they work singularly; they work alone.


I have Messengers that show up.  I have those that travel with me for a Time–sometimes a short time–sometimes I longer time.  I have Spirit Animals, those that work with my Totem animals, but seem to be … lower in the hierarchy than my Totem pair.  This makes them in no way less powerful nor their messages less important.

I work with much Trickster energy.  Long have I known the Fox…I also work with much Mutable energy, those who shift through worlds, the Spider, the Octopus.

I also work with animals of my choosing, those who do not come to me with messages, but those I look to for aid, for counsel, for strength.


One thing I have come to learn of late is not only working with a particular animal, it behooves me to work with the place of the animal as well.  To work with the trees, with the grasses, with the flowers.  To work with other animals that work with the animal to which I am reaching out.  That has opened up an entirely different level of interaction and work for me, one that I find most gratifying while I’m working.


What about you?  What are your spirit guides, your spirit totems?  What are the best ways you work with them?



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Tabitha Low

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