New Moon Journal Spread

I am participating in Cat Caracelo’s free challenge: Archetypes Of The Creative.   You can click the link for more information and to join.

For this spread, I pulled out an old journal, a cosmic smashbook made from Cat Geller‘s LifeBook lesson, either in 2014 or 2015.

This journal is made, using Cat’s techniques, from an old composition notebook.  And mine originally was an old and falling apart comp notebook, one i had used left-over Easter egg dye to color pages at random.  The book block had come out of the covers.  Everything.  But now, it’s a lovely textured little book and it grows on me every time I look at it.  When I used it last night, it was like Magic.  It was spectacular.

I only have about six spreads ‘completed’ in this journal…and then I had about five spreads where I had just smooshed color left over from other projects.  I took one of those smooshed backgrounds and used that for my work yesterday.

I started with craft paint.  Worked with water soluble graphite.  Added oil pastels.  Added more craft paint.

I found out, in this journal, using the oil pastels I have, if I hit the thing with the heat tool to dry everything–the oil pastels waxes over and is sealed, for lack of a better term.  No smearing, moving or anything else.  Which I thought was pretty cool.  I want to try that on other substrates to see if/how it works elsewhere.