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Once upon a time, I bought Connie Solera‘s Big/Deep self-paced workshops.  It was 2012, at least, when I bought the program.  I remember this because Big was very cathartic for me after Dylan’s passing.  At one point, I had been “stuck” for weeks, months maybe, and I emailed Connie for help, because I didn’t know what to do.  It is now 2016 and what she told me then still resonates with me…

In fact, I had a dream where Connie and I had a conversation around this very topic recently.  Again, it is a weird thing for me to remember my dreams, so when I do–and I am a lot lately–I try to take particular care and note of what goes on and what I recall.

Let me just say, I love Connie Solera.  I have learned so much from her over the years, from her, from her programs.  I dearly love this woman.  So much of her work has been an incredible blessing in and to my life — and thereby to those around me as well.  I am grateful that I found her and that I have been able to work with her.

Now, her original email touched me — but the expanded conversation we had in my dreams recently took me to an entirely different level (so, in case you read this, Connie–you rock in real life and in the dream world–and I thank you whole-heartedly for this).

We went back to those ‘backgrounds’ I had told her I was created.  I had been frustrated by the lack of focus, the lack of focal points.  I had never been told, in my online art class journey nor anywhere else, that what I was doing was an art form in and of itself–yes, abstract art is actually one of my favorite art forms and always has been…so go figure I didn’t recognize my own abstract art in the making.

Dream Connie took my hand and we walked through some of the art I made during that period…stuff that I basically either painted over at some point or tore up to use as collage in other work.  We talked about the pieces, about why I didn’t see them as valid pieces of art, about why I didn’t see them as valid pieces of my heart, about how I used the constructs and constraints of society to bind myself–and what I can do to release that, to break the bonds I use to tether myself, and to go deeper, ever deeper into the work that I am doing.

Does this mean you will be seeing more abstract work from me?


For me, it means allowing myself and my art to go wherever we need to go in whatever way we need to get there…and to be fine with that.

Thanks for listening.

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  1. I do not really know Connie Solera that much only that her art strikes as something very deep and very personal. I had won a slot from her 21 secrets tools and techniques and have not yet started but had read and watched a couple of videos from different guest artist including Connie’s. She resonates hope, strength and an undying love for life for me. Her attitude is very true of a feeling woman and she does not mask these feelings but let them takes it course and enjoys the ride. A true person indeed.


    1. I love Connie. I have followed her online for a few years now, taken a couple 21 secrets workshops, taken Painting with the Feminine when I could…there is something so real and true about her…she is inspiring. 🙂

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