September 29 Faces Check-In

Ayala Art’s September 29 Faces is here…and it began on September 1.

Forget anything I said about planning anything

September 1 arrived…and I basically panicked…

I grabbed my two-minute self-portrait journal and figured — quick fast and dirty portraits: GO!

So these are not two-minute portraits.  So far, most are done in charcoal pencil…the last couple in water soluble graphite pencil.

But–I keep on keeping on…and I am looking forward to painting these … faces … out.

I am actually surprised by what has shown up in these wicked fast sketches.  It’s pretty interesting…my subconscious and conscious are listening … it shows…

I have been posting my pics on instagram every day–you can find the link in my sidebar here.

My daughter is also participating, posting on her instagram account.

Here’s what I have sketched out so far:

WIP. .. first sketch for #29faces

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WIP. ..#29faces

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WIP #29faces

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WIP #29faces

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WIP #29faces

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5 thoughts on “September 29 Faces Check-In

  1. Carrie Lynn says:

    Lovely faces! And talk about panicking…haha! I too panicked when September first came, no output…not until last night. Decided to do them in graphite only and will take as much time as I want to but yes, participating in the fun and play!


    • Tabitha Beck says:

      Don’t feel bad. I had a friend just decided she wanted to play along too and now she is scrambling to catch up…and I keep saying just do what you do and enjoy…the 29 Faces police do not show up at your door if you don’t do 29 faces…it’s supposed to be fun. 🙂

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