Questioning Karma

My mother is reading the books of an authoress she loves.

In one of these books, the author says that her angels tell her over and over again there is no karma as we humans think.  There is no hold-over from life to life.  There is no you do bad in this life and bad comes to you.

My friend asked me how I could translate this, into my/our framework of belief and knowing.

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Well, for me, there are two components here.

One: There is the body itself.  The flesh.  It has been documented that cells, tissue, carries memories.  Emotions leave scars in the tissue of the body.  Memories leave scars in the tissue of the body.  For lack of a better way to put things…every experience is felt and categorized in some way in the flesh, whether good or bad.

This flesh memory is then mixed between father and mother and passed down to the children.  So, I feel there are racial memories, there are familiar memories.  These may not be karma, per se, but they have an effect.  This is why every child is born with its own outlook, its own personality, before the world begins to shape the child.

Two: What you send out returns to you.  I do believe that when you incarnate in this world, you start with a clean slate.  You don’t carry the baggage from your past life in with you.  However, I do believe in what you put out, what you surround yourself with, that is what comes to you.  If you see the dark clouds, if you see the Universe against you, then that is what you get.  If you cheat others, if you lie, eventually it all catches up to you.  If you look for the silver lining, if you smile at all you see, then that is what you get in return.

For the most part.

Do bad things happen to good people?  Yes.

Do good things happen to bad people?  Yes.

I do not claim to know the Will of God, nor of anyone else.

I do believe if you do bad things, you will attract that to you.

I do believe if you do good things, you will attract that to you.

I believe there are problems to be solved in every life, and your own outlook defines what those problems will be.

What about you?  What do you believe?



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