So, with all the shifting and changing going on, I thought it might be a good idea to sit down and talk about … the purpose of what I do online.

It is funny to listen to people who are not what I call really online people, people who work a day job, a desk job, do the regular work-a-day thing, whether in a cubicle or with a shovel in hand, tell me what I am doing wrong with my blog, with my website, with my social media.  People who have nothing to do with me at all usually seem to enjoy telling me how to work facebook or twitter or linkedin or all sorts of things.

So I decided to sit down and really think about things and — this of course lead to me deciding to put myself out there and actually say things.

A long time ago, I started blogging for me.  Not to gain traffic or garner followers, although if that happened, cool.  But if it didn’t happen, cool.  Fast forward to some supposedly well-meaning people using my blog to cause issues in my relationship with certain people.  That is really all I am going to say about that.  Add into that the series of miscarriages we had and the depression I fell into…and I sort of–no, I really backed off of blogging.  I totally lost the root and reason of why I blog–and how I blog.

Recently, if you’ve been following along with me for awhile, you will have noticed I have slowly been edging back into the fact that my blog is about me and is for me…not just hey, I threw paint down and scribbled some.  I plan to do more of that in the coming months…and longer.

My blog is for me.  It is my release.  Yes, it is how I share my work and myself with the world.  It’s a lot like my weekly check-in videos right now–I make them to keep myself accountable to myself more than anything else.


I get a lot of newsletters and blog posts via email.  People are selling things–and yes, I do sell things as well, but the focus of Alyce is not selling.  You will not see me writing every day or every week about I am selling xyz.  When I have something ready to offer for sale, I say something about it.  I have it in my mind to write about different topics, but I do not like telling people this is it, this is the only way to do things–and this is the major reason my book is not yet finished–and why a few months ago I pulled all my older workshops.  Learning that I do not have to pander to the multitudes, but could focus on a smaller area of expertise was a life-changing moment for me.  One I still grapple with frequently.

I don’t like to make lists.  Do this to feel better.  Yada yada.  I read lists like that all the time and I think, that’s not applicable to me.  Do I just dismiss things out of hand?  No, I genuinely examine things.  Today I read something about your creativity prefers silence to music.  Uhm, let me tell you, that is a complete fallacy for me.  I need music–and I actually have a medical reason for this, thanks to some other articles I have read lately.  I have tinnitus in one ear, which can get wicked bad depending on a variety of factors.  It’s due to scarring from ear infections when I was a kid.  Medical advice these days says to keep the radio or tv on in the background to help reduce/manage the tinnitus.  Not to mention, I have trained myself over years and years and years to keep music on in the background and not let it affect whatever I am doing–I can write in a crowded classroom/cafe/wherever and not flinch.  I can also step away mid-sentence and come back to it later, because I wrote in class every day all through high school (due to lack of education offered in the classrooms and total boredom), so I became conditioned to getting up and moving when the bell rang–and at home because there were younger kids and parentals who didn’t care if and when they interrupted me and they could not be ignored.  I learned to adapt.  At this point, I need that music on in the background to keep myself oriented and to keep track of time.  I have been caught singing along to the music on the radio with no clue what was on the radio or that I was singing along because it is such an automatic process now.

So, what works for one person does not work for everyone–and there is nothing wrong with that.

I don’t really like to write how to posts, unless it is a tutorial or something.  And even then, I try to make sure that I either say — this is what I did step-by-step and/or I leave space and encourage individual expression–because that is what feels empowered and empowering to me.  I am not an expert.  I am just me.  I share what I have when I have it.  I know that on down the line it is very likely that I will shift and change things up, and I want to make sure there is plenty of room for me to do that.

I have been afraid to be me, for so long, even before everything stopped for me and I lost … my inner blogger. For lack of a better … anything.  I have a lot of things I want to talk about, want to write about, but I haven’t allowed myself the freedom to do that, because I didn’t want to offend people.  I have to remind myself and to be reminded a lot that what other people think of me is their business, not mine, even though as a mother, I have that added fear in regards to my children.  But this is a step that I have to take, because I am tired of living in the 101 world (the 101 world is the basic intro class world–we take how to be a decent person 101 and never move on to the next level–we take blogging 101 and never move on to the next level–we take Yoga 101 and never move on to the next level–you learn the bare minimum, call it even, and pretend there is nothing more-) — and I am surrounded with the 101 world…and I have a 201 and 301 brain going on…I am ready for the extended training, the deeper training…and that’s where I want to be, that’s where I want to speak from–not constantly stay stuck talking to beginners and dabblers.  And let me repeat here yet again–I am not an expert–not in anything–I am just me.

Now, the purpose for this blog, my Alyce, is to share my journey, in all its facets.  You are more than welcome to come along, but I am not offering you anything other than my tale.  I make stuff.  I sell stuff.  I write about stuff.  I make videos.  I have plans for expanding into lots of things, but it will be a slow progression, because my focus is 1 on my family and on my kids and 2 on my health — then everything else can come into play…and sometimes I get stuck on repeat with the first two things and cannot progress further…and right now, that’s all right.

The purpose of Beck Low Curiosities is to showcase items for sale from the family: my mom’s jewelry, whatever my daughter is selling, artwork by the boys, my artwork, and so on.  It’s still sucky hot and wicked humid here–and the few nicer days we’ve had–I’ve been too sick to take pictures of things to redo everything on the website there.  The focus of this website will not change.  It’s the family business.  We do plan of adding more items for sale soon, but again, work in progress and progress is slow.  We are not in a rush right now.

The purpose of my own website is for my writing, my prompts, my journeys, tutorials and whatever else wants to come up in this process.  I have discovered that I have been trying to work into the creation of Sanctuary (my flagship program that changes name frequently, that I have written about so many times over the years) into all of my lesser programs in some way since I started writing to sell.  That has been a revelation for me…and it has also opened up a lot of avenues for me in what I want to create and how I want to create it…so that is a plus for me.

I make it clear on my website that I am not collating a list.  I am not collecting your email address for any reason.  Once you buy something from me, if you don’t follow me in some way, you will not hear from me again.  I will not chase you.  I will not beg or bother or anything else for more contact, for more sales.  If you enjoy my work, then please, let’s work together, but I won’t chase you.  That’s not my job.

I am an introvert.  I do have a chronic illness.  I have children.  I homeschool.  All sorts of things.  My priority is my family and then me…and then the business.  So, I won’t be tweeting and posting and enticing.  I won’t be sending out a newsletter.  I have a blog that I try to post on daily throughout the week–and if illness or something else causes me to not post that often, I do show up at least weekly — and can promise that no matter what I will post at least once a week until the end of 2017–because I have posts scheduled out that far…or at least ready to be scheduled out that far.  You won’t like everything I write.  You won’t like everything I create.  That’s ok.  No one is supposed to like everything everyone has to offer.  I can only be me–and this is me.

I hope you come along for the journey with me, even if you only show up when it bests suits you–because that is the best time.

Brightest blessings.