Halloween Theme Announcement

Last year, my daughter asked me to give her a prompt a day during October to help get her creative juices flowing.

We posted a prompt a day on our facebook page (since defunct–I am limiting my use of facebook to the extreme and plan to continue to do so).  You can download those prompts here, along with some other ones, for free, right here on our family website.

We decided, in addition to keeping up the Sisters In The Shadows annual tradition, we should keep having the Halloween prompt a day thing going on.

Now, we may post some of our prompt work on Sisters, but don’t count on it.  We may post prompt work to our individual blogs, but, again, we never promise.

However, every day in October, I will post a prompt here on this blog, for your edification.

Our theme this year, chosen by my youngest, is Monsters!


Feel free to interpret these prompts in any manner that best appeals to you: art, writing, poetry, baking, macrame, whatever.

We are very open and accepting around here.

We can’t wait to see what bubbles up from the cauldron of your imagination.

Fun time starts next Saturday.  We hope you will join us for the dance.



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