Monster Prompt



My Son, The Story Teller

My youngest son is four years old.

His sister and I were working on things Halloween in September.  We asked him if he would like to draw something for the annual Sisters In The Shadows halloween-fest (which started today, by the way).

At the time, he was busy drawing clouds…and poop.  (Hey, we’ve finally, after two years, gotten him back ’round to the potty after his sister literally scared him away from it…so he has poop on the brain…what can I say?)

He told me he would draw us some zombie poop — zombies are a favorite of his — and pumpkin poop.

Enchanting, thought I.  Can’t wait to see the response to that.

For the record, he draws very emoji-esque poop…and I was (and am yet) wondering what exactly he might come up with to make his happy poop pictures into zombie poop–and pumpkin poop…

Later on that day, he and his sister were playing together with legos.  He had his sister build him a ‘monster’.  His set also comes with cute little animals.

A story emerged from this play…that will be revealed on the Sisters blog later this month…I wanted to make sure I had the back-story somewhere.

Originally, we had intended to use the little lego critters and the monster Evangeline had built…but when I went to look for them, they were nowhere to be found–of course.  They’re probably under the couch…you know, where the zombies live…so we had to make due with Sister drawing the necessary bits for Duncan’s post.

Come take a look on the Sister’s blog this month.  You will find horror, murder, mayhem…and some enchanting art as well…