The First Step

Well, actually, this is the second cloth…we can’t actually figure out where Duncan stashed the very first cloth I made, his jack-o-lantern cloth…so this cat will be the first one I do.

Here is what I am talking about:


Hopefully, the pattern shows up well.  The color of the yarn makes it difficult.  I still have ends to weave in here…

I used navy sugar and cream to make this cloth, with US size 5 needles.  The actual pattern recommends US size 3 needles to really make the pattern ‘pop’, but I like the cloths to be a little bit bigger.  My first attempt (Duncan’s jack-o-lantern) was done on US 4 needles…and it was a bit small for me, even though he loved it.

My plans for October have been pretty much side-lined.  I had planned writing, knitting, crafting, cooking, baking…and … blah…we’re all sick…and then we got new kitties…and that is a transition to get everyone ok with everyone else–at least that is going along nicely.

It’s the sick part that keeps hitting me.  But again, I’m getting there.

I have missed my knitting.  My toddler is not exactly helpful in this arena. I have mis-knit three hats this month–one of which the yarn refused to be frogged and I had to throw it away–which nearly killed me because I loved that yarn and it’s of course discontinued…but so it goes… I want to give knitting hats a rest for awhile…and I am yet in the middle of one my daughter is pining away for… I just can’t bring myself to continue because I am so afraid I am going to screw it up too…

I decided to knit, knock on wood, one of these Halloween cloths every day this month.  They really knit up quickly (I’ll give more information on patterns in just a minute)…and they are so cute.

I am actually having issues finding cotton yarn (sugar and cream or peaches and creme) in the colors I want–and none of the local stores I go to here carry lion brand kitchen cotton (I’m not talking yarn stores…just craft stores).  I am looking for deep maroon, an autumny orange (not a pumpkin orange–I have plenty of that), a golden yellow…fall leaves colors…I want to shop locally–but am just not being given the opportunity to do so (lack of selection).  I have plenty of grey and black and brown cotton yarn for now, so that is what I am going to work with to make these cloths.  Not to mention, I always have plenty of orange and yellow cotton yarn on hand, due to my toddler’s love of those colors.

I am not really stressing over the inability to find those desired colors; I have plenty to work with right now.  I had simply wanted to have them because I also mean to knit up leaf cloths as well.  Autumn is my time of year.


The plan is to knit one cloth per day this month…and I do intend to catch up with the eight missed days, hopefully … I am not counting the very first, now missing jack-o-lantern cloth…

You can find the patterns I am using here and here.

Creepy Cloths and Creepy Cloths 2,  both designed by Kris Knits.

These patterns are for sale, but the prices, for the amount of patterns you get in each pack, it’s a steal.

The patterns are well-written and easy to follow.  These cloths knit up super quick.

The navy cat I knit up last night is roughly 6 1/2 by 7 inches…and that on US 5 needles.  It didn’t take all that long to work up (not even two whole episodes of Bones)–and I knit slowly right now, because I have lost the ability to  simply knit and follow a pattern without great deal of back-tracking and interference.