No Video This Week

There will be no video this week.

I am still sick.  When I went to film yesterday, I could not think of a single nice thing to say–so I didn’t say a thing…and that pretty much sums up today as well, although today is on the upswing compared to yesterday…

The kittens and the dogs are getting along.  The cats have free reign of the house.  The smallest animal in this house, not counting the gerbil or the fish, now runs her kingdom as she sees fit (Kyle).

Other than that…I do admit, the knitting continues…but not much else…

Until next time…


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2 thoughts on “No Video This Week”

  1. Be well. Take it easy. In my part of the world, its the rainy season and everyone getting cough and colds is inevitable. Lots of water and vitamins might help.


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