Halloween Knitting Update

I bought Creepy Cloths and Creepy Cloths 2 by Kris Knits and I have been working my way through the patterns.

*I am not an affiliate–I just love these patterns.

These patterns are small, quick, well-written and just so darn cute.  You cannot beat the price either.

My goal has been to knit a cloth from one of these patterns every day this month.  I have even caught up with the days that I missed thus far, which has led me to think I might be able to pull off knitting thirty-one of these cloths, before the end of the month–and then try out some of the Halloween illusion dish cloths that I found for free on ravelry. (You’ll have to scroll a bit to find them with the above link, but they are there…)

I have only done one illusion project that i remember, back when I first starting knitting — wow — nearly ten years ago now…I used to knit a lot of small projects, sometimes not much more than swatches, just to see if I could do something, a technique, a style, test out a yarn.  I still have my first cable swatch…all sorts of things.

Here is the latest set of cloths that I have done:

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Yesterday's cloths

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I have been trying to knit at least two cloths per day…but sometimes I make it to three.

Sometimes I have to tink back a row or two–and sometimes the idea of tinking makes my head hurt, so I end up frogging an entire cloth.  I was halfway done with a cloth yesterday and I frogged it because I got my rows confused and it was easier for me then to rip it all out than to try to tink back 2-3 rows.

Sometimes I mess things up a bit and just let it go–because I usually knit late at knit when I am tired and sometimes it’s just not enough for me to fight about…like here…the tree’s circle was cut off at the top because…I guess I missed a row or something and didn’t notice until I was working the border…so I left it…

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Yesterday's cloths

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When I mess a cloth up like this though, I always make another one of the same pattern later to compensate.

Now, once I make one of all the patterns, I will be going back and making the ones we like best.  Duncan wants jack-o-lanterns and spiders and pumpkins.  I like the tree and the black cat.  We’ll see what happens once I reach that point.

As of this moment, I have seventeen cloths done…and counting…

This is actually great fun, although after this I will need a break from cotton yarn.  I hope that once I make my way through these patterns, I will be able to work on hats again…or maybe a cowl…because I would dearly like to work with something smooth and gentle to the touch, like wool…I have some cashmere yarn in my stash.  I might have to go find it.

The worst thing about this project is trying to keep my toddler from swiping all my cloths as I make them…I’d lose count if I just handed them over to him…not to mention, they’d be all over the house.  So I do my best to keep them in the stack away from him–which involves many conversations throughout the day…

Please note: I post pictures of the finished cloths for that day every day on instagram…or sometimes from the day before if I finished them late, but I do post pictures every day.  Most of the time, I haven’t even woven in ends yet or anything.  None of the cloths have yet been washed or anything.





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